Post #14 Alec Is Cancer Free!

Yes, you heard me correct! Alec has just ONE more hospital stay to go. Let me recap the year here since my last post.

Alec completed seven rounds of chemo and then removal of the last of three tumors since the chemo killed off the other two tumors. Upon removal of the final tumor the doctors determined it was a dead tumor, meaning there were no active cells in it. This was followed by two bone marrow transplants at All Children’s Hospital at St.Petersburg, Florida. Each stay there was for one solid month, confined to a single room with no access to the outside world, it was hella rough on us all! Alec then began in May seven rounds of immunotherapy which is like bleach to your system to prevent any further cancer from coming back. There were five single week stays and two dual week stays. On the dual week stays my wife and Alec were alowed to return home for the weekend and then they returned Sunday evening to begin the second week. The week of Halloween 2012 marks the final single week and last time for a inpatient stay. From then until the end of December Alec will have outpatient weekly tests as he’s done all year and then other then his broviac and port, which one of the two is coming out in December it seems we’re done with this long fight on cancer..on the positive note!

On October 12th, 2012 we celebrated his third birthday. We kicked off the morning at our local Waffle House and spent the day at Sea World and capped off the evening at Angelina’s Pizza in Deland, Florida.

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