Pose #13 Looking Towards Christmas

It’s been two months since the last post here on the blog. Alec has just begun round 5 of chemo. He’s going in for his operation in early December and should be home for Christmas; I can’t imagine us all celebrating Christmas in the hospital.

We’re all handling Alec’s cancer and care pretty well but it seems to be life’s great annoyances adding to the stress. All of our material comforts have been downgrading too; our good cell phone plan with AT&T has been replaced with prepaid cell phones. Some idiots in another state have been calling Tara’s new cell all the time, all around the clock and nothing we say to them even the truth of Alec having cancer and to stop calling in the early AM hours seems to stop.

We had bought new Jeeps shortly before Alec was diagnosed but after the bills started piling up I surrendered my Jeep, bought a junk truck and we’re doing our best to keep Tara’s since she needs a reliable vehicle to and from the hospitals.

I honestly don’t see the point of this blog and honestly even the Facebook group seems like a waste of time and energy. I’ve moved over to Google+ and urge more people to do the same.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We’re gonna try and get Christmas cards out to everyone whom sent us a card or gift over the last few months…urging on try. We’ve kept every envelope and thank you all for continued love and support for Alec and our family.

God bless 😀

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I have a strong passion for automobiles of the 70's, 80's and early 90's with a deep appreciation for the lost, forgotten and under-dog cars, trucks, suvs and vans of that time period.
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