Post #12 The First Month

Today marks the first month since Tara and myself found out Alec had neuroblastoma cancer and if you told me a month ago that I’d be feeling better come today I’d have told you to your face that you were lying.

Tara has already posted her end of how things unfolded, as for myself it was a bit different and I’ll be posting that to the Prayers For Alec Facebook group soon.

In this first month we’ve met some pretty amazing people, many of which we never would’ve met had Alec not been diagnosed with cancer. From the doctors, nurses, people from the cancer support groups, friends, family and YOU reading this now!

Over the past week Tara and I learned that the whole process for Alec to be cancer free is gonna take a bit longer then a year, more so like a year and a half.

Tara and I have been married since January 1st, 2000. We’ve had our ups and downs in all aspects of our marriage just like many couples out there but yet we’re still together and happy with each other(well I hope you are Tara lol!). This has been by far the longest that we’ve been apart from each other and also for Jamie and Cadence. Everything seems to be secure so far; as I said the other day the girl’s have brought home excellent five week report cards and they’re teachers can’t believe how well that they’ve adjusted with the major upset in their home lives. Good job girls! You make your Mama and I so proud of you every day but this really puts a smile on our faces.

I look out my sliding door(aka window) in my office unto our picturesque Florida yard and a cute little brown and green with a purple tail lizard catches my eye crawling around the brick on our house. I swear that he’s looking inside our house to see where Alec is and when he’ll be coming outside to play.

When Alec has been home he’s been chasing and catching those lizards! No mercy for lizards! We were in the hospital to visit with him today and in his little coloring bag that he got from the art center there was a little purple lizard. He dropped it on the floor and since it was made of rubber it wiggled a bit when it landed on the floor; he laughed, he giggled and turned his head sideways and let out a, “Bobby!”, which is what he calls me when he’s excited about something.

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