Post #11 We Must Not Let Up On The Prayers!

It’s been ten days since the last blog post, I apologize for that but in general Alec’s life has been pretty much “back to normal” if there is a such thing as that anymore.

This past Monday, Tara, Alec and myself took a trip down to St. Petersburg where he’ll be going for the bone marrow harvesting around the fifth chemo cycle and then back again for the bone marrow transplant way at the end of this whole cancer battle.

While home these past few weeks Alec returned more to his normal routine with every day that has gone by. On Wednesday afternoon, September 21, Alec returned to Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children for round two of chemo.

On Friday September 23rd sisters Jamie, Cadence and myself went to go see Alec and Tara. They’re in a bit smaller room this time. Alec spent his first night running up and down the halls til 2am when his doctor chased him off to bed!

All of our lives have changed since Alec’s been diagnosed with cancer: Jamie, our oldest girl wrote in her journal entry at school that she wishes that she could get a job to raise money to help pay our bills. Cadence, my baby girl told Tara and I that she wishes that she had cancer because Alec is getting all of the attention. As for me, well, I hadn’t been in a church for a decade but the next day after it was official that alec had cancer I returned to church and have been attending each week with the girl’s. While Tara is in the hospital I’ve turned more into Mr Mom.

Tara is in a tough situation, she’s been having to find balance between being a full time care giver for Alec while still doing as much Mom stuff she can with the girls.

It’s amazing that with all this unwated stress in the girl’s life they’re both bringing home 100’s and straight A’s; we just received their five-week report card and it was amazing!

One thing that the doctor had stressed to Tara, that we must not stop fighting against Alec’s cancer! Neuroblastoma is very tricky and must not be left unwatched or any less attention on both the hospital and home care. We ask all of you out there to not let up on your prayers and thoughts for Alec. In these fast-paced internet days we’ve all kind of built up a tollerance to all the woes of the world since so much news is available to us now, good and bad; how many of ya’ll still remember Japan had a massive quake three months back?

We love you all 😀

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3 Responses to Post #11 We Must Not Let Up On The Prayers!

  1. taralombardi says:

    Thank you, everyone for the prayers!!! Keep them coming! 🙂

  2. Katrina Torres says:

    All of our prayers are going to Alec and your family. Keep your chins up. God has a plan for all of us. Love ya the Torres Family.

  3. Jenn Maples says:

    So glad to hear Alec is doing well. My thoughts are with you all, always =)

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