Post #10 Big Sister Jamie’s 10th Birthday

Alec came home from the hospital in the morning of Saturday September 10th, 2011. His first night home was much better then his last “first night” home in which he had to return to the hospital three hours later because of a 103F fever. We all played toys with Alec and he was eatting lots of goodies.

His big sister Jamie’s birthday was September 12th. Alec loves it when people sing; he loves the Happy Birthday song and he REALLY loves cake! He’s still not sure what to make of the whole present thing but he likes unwrapping things. It’s good to see a smile on his face and to hear his laughter again around the house. Jamie’s birthday was extra special this year because we asked for everyone that could to send a simple birthday card to her. She received over 100 cards!

Alec went to his first out-patient clinic visit this morning and Dr. Guisti said all was well and could return home with Tara even before they received the final results. So not needing a blood transfusion or to even be readmitted is very good news and he’s on his way home as I finish bloging this.

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Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and support.

I’d like to personally thank Jamie Underwood, President of Parker’s Pals of Deland, Florida(sharing your journey through childhood cancer). She was the first out-reach group to approach us and help us with their resources in our time of need. Please see the new links section above.

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