Post #9 Mama I’m Coming Home

On Tuesday Sept 5, ’11, Alec was released from the hospital only to return less then 5 hours later because he had a fever of 103.7. We planned a most wonderful home-coming for my little guy; Morning Glories(fireworks-sparklers-legal down here ya yankees!), lined the driveway and we lit them for him to enjoy. The house and trees were decorated with ribbons. When he walked in he found a huge pack of chochlate chip cookies, cars and a balloon. We played gently with him in our room until Tara started putting him down for night-night, he felt hot, she took his temperature and called the doctor with the temp and they advised her to return to the hospital.

For 48 hours his room, #4001 was quarantined. Anyone coming in had to wear a gown and mask and sign was placed on the door about his possible infection.

It’s now Friday; I’ve been so busy this week looking for avenues of income to offset our growing pile of bills. A few local charities, Parkers’ Pal’s out in Deland, Jamie whom owns it has been amazing! Thank you. I’m not at the hospital most of the time when the other groups stop by so tara will have to write in the thank yous to all of them.

Thank you to my daughters teachers at their school for all their help and understanding.

Thank you to all our new friends at the Deltona Alliance Church.

Thank you to everyone whose been praying, sending out good thoughts, etc.

Thank you to everyone whose sent my daughter Jamie a card for her birthday(9/12).

Thank you to everyone who we don’t even know or met and has sent us a card or gift of money.

This is only the first two weeks since this has all began and we’ve met so many people that we’d most likely never have met… truly are great!

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