Post #8 Looking Better

On September 3rd jamie, Cady and I went to see Alec(and Mama). Alec was looking a little bit better, actually, the best he’s looked since just before we found out about him having cancer. It’s funny how we can draw a start date on all this. Prior to the evening of August 24th he was well, well sort of. Somewhere between when the cancer had formed and the 24th of August Alec knew he wasn’t well.

We watched TV in his room, Kermit’s Swamp Years, which was given to Tara from a not for profit group(forgot the name sorry). After a bit, and some lunch we went for a walk around his floor and even better, down to the first floor, outside and on the pirate ship!

Not too long after all this he was getting tired, so we hung out a bit more then headed home.

The doctors were saying maybe Sunday(yesterday) would be the earliest he could come home but he wasn’t eatting or drinking much. As of yesterday though he was removed from his IV and has been eatting and drinking regularly but it’s still uncertain when he’ll return home. We can be hopeful and think it’s this week coming but only God knows.

I created a video the other day from Alec’s start to current day:

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