Post #3 Alec, His Biopsy And On To The Next Step

Alec went in for his biopsy surgeory this morning at 7:30am, he came out around 11:30 and he was transferred to P.I.C.U at 1pm; we went with him to his room. His doctors and nurses are great! They sat down, informed us on everything and where we go from here. In the surgeory they took a sample of his bone, blood, marrow and inserted his port on his chest. The doctor put a rush on his biopsy results but the early outlook is he’s in Stage 3 cancer, neuroblastoma. By Sunday we’ll know exactly if there’s any more then the 3 tumors to worry about and if it’s in his marrow but at first look the doctor said that it’s not in his marrow.

Alec slept most of the day and they don’t allow photos of their equipment on the P.I.C.U but I did snap one of him going in the elevator.

The hospital is beautiful, it’s a children’s hospital and they really try to make the children feel as relaxed as possible.




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3 Responses to Post #3 Alec, His Biopsy And On To The Next Step

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for the updates- so that we know what to pray for! You guys are wonderful parents, and it sure sounds like Alec is in good hands at the hospital. I still can’t believe that your tiny little guy has to go through this. I’m so sorry. We’ll keep praying.

  2. Thank you Heather. Keeping busy keeps me from getting upset so I’m sure I’ll be updating even more as time goes on. I’m gonna set up Tara on her phone so she can add stuff on here too if she has time at the hospital.
    He’s gonna beat this because he has too many people needing him in their lives here on Earth…let God have another angel up there cause he’s not taking mine back home.

  3. Barb Ward says:

    The updates are really appreciated…we feel so helpless back here in Upstate…not being able to help you at least with the girls… but, rest easy knowing that we are praying and always just a phone call away when you need a friend or just to vent…we are holding Alec and the rest of the family in our thoughts and prayers…he is in one of the best hospitals in the US for pediatric cancer patients and they will do everything in their power to make your little man as good as new…I love and miss all of you…and give that little man of yours a hug and a kiss for me!

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